Lisbon celebrates one year, somehow we ended up thinking about infinity.
Go figure…

We are very proud to announce that our hummusbar branch in Lisbon is 1 year old! Big thanks to our professional and enthusiastic team for all the hard work and plenty of positive energy they gave us throughout the year together with our visitors, who filled the place with good vibes and great feedback. It was a fantastic year, and we are preparing something even better for the new one.. Stay tuned.

What infinity has to do with our celebration..

The roots of the knowledge we call numerology comes from as far as the Babylon times.

From Ancient Egypt, China and Japan, To Roman Empire and Greek philosophical flourish, we can learn a great depth (keep reading – then the rest of the article is opening up) about numbers and their dimensions, quantitative and qualitative..

If the universe as the “great whole everything”, the numbers are merely helping us to record the forces operating in nature in a repetitive and historic manner, so we can use it for example building bridges and airplanes.


F = G*((m sub 1*m sub 2)/r^2) ; is a formula, its not gravity itself.

Its a linguistic record through which we understand this phenom and use its proportions. No one has a true idea what gravity is.. Surely its not 7 letters.. GRAVITY (btw in some languages gravity translates as “force of attraction” ) nor it is a combination of complicated numbers.

So where is the infinity? Everywhere… 🙂

hummusbar’s Lisbon BD is on the 17th of December.
If we tear down the 17 in 1 + 7 we can add these numbers and we get the 8 (strangely the + disappears…), which is one of the most arcane numbers as it represents infinity.
If you were wondering, that was the punch line and the peak of our wisdom!

Eating hummus makes you think about this kind of things, maybe we ate too much of it ?..

Virtue is harmony – Pythagoras

hummusology moments..