Why you should consume more chickpeas?

We compiled the health benefits of the ingredients, that hummus is made out of

The main ingredient of hummus is chickpeas, a legume widely known and liked in the Middle East. Besides being delightfully delicious it also has a wide range of health benefits. If you are curious as to what these are, be sure to read our piece. If we successfully convinced you to incorporate it in your daily meals, then get ready, set, hummus!

The crop originated from Asia, but it quickly became available in the Middle-East. Due to a rise of healthy food trends it is now wide-spread around the globe. The plant is which we are talking about here is of course called chickpea, which can be easily acquired in nearly every shop. This vegetable serves as the main ingredient of hummus, and it is a sure fire choice for a healthy alternative to other side dishes. Incorporating it in your diet can help you balance it out as it contains lots of valuable nutrients. Let’s see what makes chickpeas so special!

#1 It’s the star of the diets, a real protein bomb!

100 grams of chickpeas contain a mere 275 calories, 60 grams of carbs of which 19 grams are fibers that your body won’t absorb. This means that it is a good choice even for low-carb diets. Another important fact, that might make the vegans and vegetarians among us happy is that contains 20 grams of protein. This amount can be found in about 100g of chicken breasts, which is quite amazing! Although it’s a light dish it makes us feel full for a long time as it contains carbs that are metabolized by your body at a slow rate. It also helps us keep balanced blood-sugar levels.

#2 It’s a bowl of vitamins!

Chickpeas are rich in B1-, B6, E, A-Vitamins and carotene. These wonder legumes also contain high amounts of Calcium-, Magnesium-, Zink- and Iron.

#3 It is a natural detoxifier, and it helps with digestion!

As it is high in essential fibers, it is a light food that can be easily digested, so those of us that have weak stomachs can easily enjoy hummus. Naturally as it is a fiber-rich food it also cleanses our stomach walls, thus helps us detoxify our body. We highly recommend you try it as a Spring time detoxifier.

#4 Bye depression and low-energy!

Did you know that they specifically recommend chickpeas as an anti-depressant and as a natural energy booster? Besides being rich in vitamins it also contains folic acids and tryptophan, so it is widely used by mothers with newborns, as it can counteract the postpartum periods depression. This vegetable is quite an effective weapon against lethargy, the fact that it keeps your waistline in check is also a bonus!

Shield yourself against depression, and make sure to drop by the hummusbar! A single bowl of hummus with a little falafel is a wonderful choice, if you need a little energy or mood boost in these grim days of Fall.